Celebrate the history of Mesquite High School by making a contribution to the Maroon & White Legacy Endowment. Contributors will receive a commemorative "Where the Tradition Began" brick with customizable nameplate from the original Mesquite High School L Building and be recognized on a permanent display inside the L Building at Mesquite High School. The goal of the Maroon & White Legacy Endowment Campaign is to raise $100,000. Contributions will be placed in a permanent endowment where the interest earned will fund an annual Legacy Grant for an innovative educational program at Mesquite High School.

Donors receive the following benefits:
1. All donations will be placed in a permanent Endowment. Interest earned on the endowment will fund an annual Legacy Grant at Mesquite HS for an innovative program that falls outside of the state budget.
2. Donors receive a personalized "Where The Tradition Began" original L Building Brick as a keepsake. Donors will submit the "Brick Personalization Form" (Download below).
3. Donors will be permanently recognized in the new L Building. Donors will be listed by giving level using the same listing from your Brick Personalization Form.

· TRADITION - $5,000
· MAROON - $2,500
· WHITE - $1,000
· STORMY - $500
· ALL STAR - $250

1. Contribute Online – Click banner below
2. Contribute by submitting the Contribution Form. Download Form by clicking banner below.


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